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Association Senzala

Welcome to the website of SenzalaAssociation , here you can find further information about : Capoeira, our courses, our events and our teamwork...

12th fete st-jean
03 June 2017
at Montpellier.

20thsenzala festival
from 29 October to 1 November
2016 at Montpellier.

Monday 12september

The beginning of all courses of the senzala Association

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the 20thsenzala anniversary approach so , to get ready for this event in a friendly convivial atmosphere we invite you to meet us on Sunday, 23October in order to make the Arames of berimbau, the cords of baptisms .draw the layout of volunteers management. Please write down the date and we will give you soon thorough details soon!

Samba courses
Valeria Costa
Monday 8:15 p.m.

Home for all FANFONNE Guillierme
street avant-monts
# 6 bus - stop the Cevennes

Our association organizes courses of capoeira
for children and adults,
as well in addition to festivals, workshops,
shows and parties.
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“Capoeira is a game. It’s toy. It’s to respect
fear and to weigh well your courage…"

The association welcomes you to share it’s passion.

Discover our events of 2016/2017 .

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