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Since the age of nine"Mestre" SORRISO discovered the world of Capoeira, he has never givenup. From the beginning, it has had an important role in its dissemination in Brazil and around the world.

In Rio de Janeiro, where, with other Capoeiristas he founded the Group Senzala Capoeira (1964), he teaches courses to poor communities , in the street, in universities, schools , (for example the French high school), academies, etc. During these years, he has developed a methodology of technical education, whichhas been rapidlyrecognized in the environment of capoeira.

Since 1984 at the first European meeting of Capoeira, M.SORRISO is invited every year to spread Capoeira through courses, meetings, work-shops, festivals, shows, etc ... in Europe (England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Spain ...) and in several French cities (Paris, Lyon, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Avignon, etc. ...).

Arriving from Brazil in 1997, he was invited by the Association to give Senzala courses in Montpellier where Inês FERREIRA (Estrela) began as early as1995 to spread Capoeira. Today they organize several events around theCAPOEIRA (shows, courses) in France and circulate Capoeiraalmost everywhere in Europe.